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Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

No matter the weather, there are tons of outdoor activities for kids to enjoy! Whether it’s hot outside or raining, you can find ways to spend quality time as a family and have some fun together.

Playing outdoors can have numerous advantages for your child’s development and mental health, such as increased attention, less stress and less hyperactivity. It also helps them hone problem-solving skills and creativity, plus give the family time to bond in a supportive environment.

Many people overlook this, but nature can be an incredible source of inspiration for children. Walking through woods, hiking on a trail or even playing catch with sticks can bring your child’s imagination to life and provide them with an excellent way to unwind.

For an even more creative experience, allow your child to use their imagination to design an activity that incorporates their favorite objects (like a ball, tree or flower). Then encourage them to explore the world around them and create something brand new.

Squirt Gun Painting

Inspire your child’s artistic side with this enjoyable and inexpensive paint-by-numbers activity using a squirt gun. You can either draw your own pictures or let them choose which image to paint. To make it even more exciting, purchase colored pencils and crayons for extra workstations.

Slip ‘n Slide

A slip-n-slide is fun for the whole family, especially older kids who enjoy more the rush of the ride than watching water run over them. All you need is some colorful plastic sheeting and a slight slope to set up.

Slip ‘n Slide Games

An engaging way to keep kids active is by having them participate in an obstacle course. You can make it as straightforward as a scooter/bike course, or more complex with obstacles like small plastic cones. Participating in such activities helps build your kids’ self-esteem and enhance coordination skills.

Scavenger Hunt

Let your child explore nature’s splendor while having some fun! Search for pine cones, acorns, flowers and other natural items around your yard or on a nearby nature trail and record how many you find. Have them compete against each other to see who can find the most items!

Bug and Leaf Bingo

Tracking bugs and leaves with your kids is an engaging way to teach them about different animals and plants. Encourage them to take photos of their finds and record them in a nature journal for extra learning.

Rock Stacks

Playing with rocks is an excellent opportunity for kids to explore textures and shapes. Collect various rocks and see who can build the tallest stack!

Mud Pies

Encourage your kids to “cook” mud using old pots, dishes or pans. Then let them decorate their creations with paint and stickers – an ideal activity for younger kids who don’t mind getting messy hands! This activity makes cleaning up after themselves a lot more enjoyable!

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